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Family Locator 2021: This app is mainly used to know the location of your household members. Life360 Family Locator is easy to use and the best app for the resident. Shows live location of all members added to this app. You can keep an eye on your household members through this live location app. So they will show you their live location on your smartphone whenever they go out of the house. Thus the envelope features life360 Family Locator Live Location. Life360’s Family Locator makes life easier in the digital world by making it easier for people to stay connected with the most important people.

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Information About Life360 Family Locator:

  • Create your own private groups, called “circles” of loved ones, teammates – who care about anything and chat with them for free in the Family Locator.
  • View the real-time location of circle members on a private family map that is only visible to your circle.
  • Receive real-time alerts when circle members arrive or leave places (remove distractions “Where are you?” Texts)
  • Stolen View the location of stolen or lost phones
  • Enjoy more diverse features and benefits than those found on similar apps Android works on both Android phones and iPhones
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App Name:Life360 Family Locator
Current Version:20.8.0

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Features of Life360 Family Locator:

Real-Time Location Sharing: Stay connected and together with your whole family and take away many of the lessons needed to coordinate your family events and daily life. Your family members alert you when your family members have checked in at a location. And thanks to the GPS sensor in your phone, Family Locator can advise even if someone is running late. Shows the live location of any family member when they go out.

Finding Family: The Life 360 ​​app uses state-of-the-art GPS location technology to report real-time locations of people who accept your invitation to join your circle and share their location. Just install the Life360 Family Locator app on your phone and invite your family. Once registered, each member appears as a unique icon on the navigational map so you know where they are. No need to send annoying “Where’s yours?” Or “What is your ETA?” Lessons, Life360 Family Locator puts this information at your fingertips. And to make life easier, we’ll send you alerts the moment your family arrives at their destination!

Location: Life360 places you and your loved ones on shared, private maps. This setting allows us to show the location accurately and quickly.

Phone Permissions: Life 360 ​​features a feature called Driver Care Support that, with a single push of a button, connects you to a live representative on the phone. Our live representative knows who you are and you are going to help in roadside situations like taves, jumps and lockout. We also provide immediate emergency response in the event of a vehicle collision. Phone permissions allow us to connect your phone to a live representative and authorize you to call it.

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