Gujarat Pakshik PDF Download

Gujarat Pakshik PDF All New And Old Magazine Free Download. ગુજરાત પાક્ષિક, Pakshik Gujarat pdf, Current Affairs. Paxik pdf download magazine, Current Affairs  is published every 15 days by the Information Department of the Gujarat Government

Gujarat Pakshik

Gujarat Pakshik published Two times a month. Gujarat Paxit mention all the upcoming and Past events Of Gujarat. All topics are Helpful For Gujarat Government Exams. Gujarat Pakshik Magazine is Published by DIRECTORATE OF INFORMATION. This is a government department Of Gujarat.

Gujarat Pakshik
Gujarat Paxik Image

Gujarat paxik

Editor: Ashok Kalaria, Minesh Trivedi
Distributor: Jayesh Dave, Ishwar Thakor
Executive Editor: Pulak Trivedi
Co-Editor: Arvind Patel
Vice-Editor : Parimal Desai
Art-Director: Jasmin Dave
Co-producer: Devang Mewada, Harshad Rupapara

Gujarat Pakshik PDF

Gujarat Pakshik Includes various interesting topics Of Gujarat Like Education, health, public services, government newly launched scheme, any disaster information, agriculture, employment, and everything that is mentioned in simple language so that people can understand very easily.

Gujarat Pakshik PDF 2022

Pakshik is Extremely useful for Current Affairs Topic For all Government job (competitive exam) Preparations. You can Buy This Book Online Easly From Various Platforms.

Gujarat Paxik PDF Download 2022

Issue dateIssueDownload Link
01/07/2022Gujarat Pakshik July 2021: 1Download
16/06/2022Gujarat Pakshik June 2021: 12Download
01/06/2022Gujarat Pakshik June 2021: 11Download
16/05/2022Gujarat Pakshik May 2021: 10Download
01/05/2022Gujarat Pakshik May 2021: 09Download
16/04/2022Gujarat Pakshik April 2021: 08Download
01/04/2022Gujarat Pakshik April 2021: 07Download
16/03/2022Gujarat Pakshik March 2021: 06Download
01/03/2022Gujarat Pakshik March 2021: 05Download
16/02/2022Gujarat Pakshik February 2021: 04Download
01/02/2022 Gujarat Pakshik February 2021: 03Download
16/01/2022 Gujarat Pakshik January 2021: 02 Download
01/01/2022Gujarat Pakshik January 2021: 01Download

Gujarat Paxik PDF Download 2021

Issue DateIssueDownload Link
16/12/2021Gujarat Pakshik December 2021: 24Not Published yet
01/12/2021Gujarat Pakshik December 2021: 23Not Published yet
16/11/2021Gujarat Pakshik November 2021: 22Not Published yet
01/11/2021 Gujarat Pakshik November 2021: 21Download Now
16/10/2021 Gujarat Pakshik octomber 2021: 20Download Now
01/10/2021 Gujarat Pakshik octomber 2021: 19Download Now
16/09/2021 Gujarat Pakshik September 2021: 18Download Now
01/09/2021 Gujarat Pakshik September 2021: 17Download Now
16/08/2021 Gujarat Pakshik August 2021: 16Download Now
01/08/2021 Gujarat Pakshik August 2021: 15Download now
16/07/2021Gujarat Pakshik July 2021: 14Download now
01/07/2021Gujarat Pakshik July 2021: 13Download now
16/06/2021Gujarat Pakshik June 2021: 12Download Now
01/06/2021Gujarat PakshikJune 2021: 11Download Now
16/05/2021Gujarat Pakshik May 2021: 10Download Now
01/05/2021Gujarat Pakshik May 2021: 09Download Now
16/04/2021Gujarat Pakshik April 2021: 08Download Now
01/04/2021Gujarat Pakshik April 2021: 07Download Now
16/03/2021Gujarat Pakshik March 2021: 06Download Now
16/01/2021Gujarat Pakshik January 2021: 02Download Now
01/01/2021Gujarat Pakshik January 2021: 01Download Now
Pakshik Gujarat pdf

Gujarat Magazine

Gujarati Magazine Publishes 2 Times in every Month. It is helpful For All Gujarat Government Exams. Gujarat Maganize is covered Most of the Current Affairs exams. Gujarat magazine pdf free download. Gujarat Pakshik magazine pdf download. Gujarat Government Put all Recent Scheme in The Gujarati Magazine.

Gujarat Paxik PDF Download 2019

Issue DateIssueDownload Link
16/12/2019Gujarat Paxik Issue: 24Download Now
01/12/2019Gujarat Paxik Issue: 23Download Now
16/11/2019Gujarat Paxik Issue: 22Download Now
01/11/2019Gujarat Paxik Issue: 20-21Download Now
01/10/2019Gujarat Paxik Issue: 19Download Now
16/09/2019Gujarat Paxik Issue: 18Download Now
01/09/2019Gujarat Paxik Issue: 17Download Now
16/08/2019Gujarat Paxik Issue: 16Download Now
01/08/2019Gujarat Paxik Issue: 15Download Now
16/07/2019Gujarat Paxik Issue: 14Download Now
01/07/2019Gujarat Paxik Issue: 13Download Now
16/06/2019Gujarat Paxik Issue: 12Download Now
01/06/2019Gujarat Paxik Issue: 11Download Now
01/03/2019Gujarat Paxik Issue: 04/05 (budget special)Download Now
01/02/2019Gujarat Paxik Issue: 03Download Now
16/01/2019Gujarat Paxik Issue: 02Download Now
01/01/2019Gujarat Paxik Issue: 01Download Now

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