Gujarati Grammar Book By Angel Academy

This book Is Created by Samat Gadhavi. He is the Owner of Angel academy Gandhinagar. Gujarati Grammar Book By Angel Academy PDF Book Is Helpful for all Gujarati Competitive exams. In this book, More than 25 Topics are covered. The book has more them 100 pages. Which Help to Prepare bin sachivalay and Talati and Other Various Exam.

Gujarati Grammar Book By Angel Academy

Gujarati Grammar Book By Angel Academy

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I thought it was just through music at one point. I had some dreams of being an actress. And then it really was a spiritual awakening for me. I mean, I consider myself a spiritual, religious woman. I don’t go to church every Sunday. But I do pray every day. I prayed, like, eight times before I came out here with you. I was, like, God, just tell me what to say. And the truth is that once I became famous, I thought to myself, well, I can—I will, and I want to continue making music, I will want to continue being in movies, but I want to help people.

These people that come to my shows, I do want to just take your money and sing for you. I want to help change your life. And I have all this life experience. And I can’t—you know, when I talk to God, right? And you know whatever you want to call it for yourself. If it’s God or the other realm or your angels… OPRAH: By any name. LADY GAGA: By any name. OPRAH: It responds. LADY GAGA: Any gender. Right? It responds. When I talk to God, I say, tell me what to do. Because I’m being watched. And I want to do the right thing here. So tell me what to say.

Tell me how to say it. And help me see the path. And if you show me that path, I will walk down it. And do you know what, Oprah? Look where that path has led me. I am sitting right next to you. OPRAH: Ah. Every time. Ask and you shall be given. What has been your greatest spiritual awakening? Greatest spiritual awakening. LADY GAGA: I think my greatest spiritual awakening actually has been quite recent. I think it’s that I realize that I have the chronic pain that I have for a reason. And I don’t mean to be, like, God gave it to me.

Do you know? And I also don’t believe in that, like, karma thing where you’re sick because you did something bad. But I do believe that this was—this happened for a reason. All the things I’ve been through, I think they were supposed to happen. I was supposed to go through this. OPRAH: Even rape. LADY GAGA: Even the rape. All of it. I think I was supposed to go through all of these things. I radically accept that they happened. And I think it happened because God was saying to me, I’m going to show you pain. And then you’re gonna help other people who are in pain because you’re gonna understand it. OPRAH: Mm. Because you can’t—you can’t give what you don’t have. LADY GAGA: I can’t look away.

Because now when I see someone in pain, I can’t look away because I go, no. You’re in pain. I’m in pain, too. And then now, I’m in problem-solving mode. I’ve got my suit on and my heels and I’m ready to go. OPRAH: Yes. So this wisdom came from this pain. What has been the lesson that’s actually taken you the longest to learn? LADY GAGA: How to be wise. See, there is a rational mind. And there is the emotional mind. And I think from day to day, we all experience ourselves, if we’re mindful, in some type of way, which I think this is good to be mindful about, is am I operating from an emotional space today? Or from a rational space today? Meaning, when I say rational, I mean cerebral.

Like intelligence. Thoughts. Facts. You know, just really pragmatic. And emotional meaning, like, am I operating from the heart? Am I really upset because my boyfriend broke up with me and I’m a mess, you know, and I’m just being completely irrational? Wise sits in the center. Wise is when you are both rational and emotional at the same time and those two things meet and you become wise. And that was the lesson that I learned. I had to learn how to pull myself back from either place and then sit in the center. Because actually, a psychotic break, and if you look in the brain or its eye sort of a metaphor about the brain, you’re centered here. Right? OPRAH: Because you had a psychotic break.

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