Gujarati vyakaran By Success Academy.

This book Is Created and Published By Success career academy Patan. This Book Is Helpful For Class 3 Exams. You can Prepare also Class 2 Exams. This book helps in Police Exams, bin sachivalay clerk, Talati, junior Clark, and Many More Exams. In This book More than 20 Plus Tipis are Covered and added in This Gujarati grammar Book

Gujarati vyakaran By Success Academy. 1

Gujarati vyakaran By Success Academy.

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OPRAH: Thanks for coming. I was saying to reporters yesterday, I was really nervous about asking you. First of all, because I—it’s one of those things— I was. So nervous about asking you. LADY GAGA: And then you asked me and I was, like, move my vacation. I’d do anything for Oprah. OPRAH: I want to know when you got clarity for yourself about the vision of creating Gaga. LADY GAGA: Well, you know, at first when I was younger, I went through a lot of struggles in high school. I was really bullied.

I didn’t feel good about myself. And I got made fun of. Like why do you want to be a singer? Why do you want to be a musician? Why do you want to be an actress? And I felt so secluded and isolated. And it was time, once I dropped out of college, I will admit—stay in school—but I dropped out of college because I was, like, I have to pursue my dreams as a musician. This is what I want. And it was in creating Gaga, that I was able to create a superhero for myself. It was a vision for the theme that I wanted to be. I wanted to be confident.

I wanted to be filled with self-compassion. I wanted to be filled with compassion for others. And I wanted to share my story and my vision of the world with the world. OPRAH: And so you created this sort of alderperson, Gaga. LADY GAGA: Who now has become me also. I don’t know what happened but it sort of—but that’s what happens when you have a vision for yourself, you can be here, right? And then you have your vision. And then all of a sudden. OPRAH: The two merge. LADY GAGA: They come together. OPRAH: You become aligned.

And you say, Lady Gaga, the creation of Gaga actually gave Stefani the wings to fly. LADY GAGA: Gaga, myself, has given me the wings to fly. And what I was going to, you know, add is that now, after almost over a decade of being in the industry, I recognize my position that people are watching me. Now, I could hyper-focus on being objectified or being in tabloids or being gossiped about, but you know what? I’m thinking to myself, oh, the world is watching. And I have something important to say. And I want to change people’s lives.

And now my mission is different. And I have a responsibility for this whole world. OPRAH: Yes. Because one of the things that we discussed in Elle, one of the things that surprised me when we talked about it in the recent Elle magazine, you were saying—I was saying you have spent a lot of time shocking the world. That meat dress was the first time we all, like, we’re kind of aghast. And you said you have now reached a point in your life where you don’t feel the need to create some identity of shocker—shocking people. LADY GAGA: Yes.

I think it was something that I enjoyed to bemuse people so they would listen to the music and there was sort of a state of confusion of who is this woman? I don’t really—I’m, like—it’s kind of like, you know, watching a train wreck. Do you know? But the truth is that that was part of my art form was, how do I get people to see and watch and listen and become engaged with me on a personal level? Even though it felt quite superficial I think for a lot of people. And it’s changed since then because, number one, it’s no longer shocking to have pink hair.

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