Patrango Std 4 Gujarati PDF Download

Patrango of Patrango it is also known as Gujarati second language includes different chapters like What do you eat, my boat in salty water, Stars in the valley, The story of Saputara, you will also get a medal and many more. Students can learn many basic and fundamental concepts in this textbook. The information is explained with the help of pictures. The concept is presented by the story so students will get the message of the story easily and understand it.

Patrango Std 4 Gujarati PDF

Patrango Std 4 Gujarati PDF

It also makes the content easier to remember the topic. The passing of knowledge to students through the textbook makes it easy. This textbook gives the practice questions so students can mark themselves and the questions are also given for examination purposes. It also gives the activities for the students.

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