Std 10 English grammar Gujarati medium PDF Download

Hello Friend Today I Put Here Std 10 English grammar Gujarati medium PDF Download. This Book Help In Std 10th Preparation. This Book By Different academy. std 10 English grammar Gujarati medium pdf. std 10 English grammar Gujarati medium pdf download

Std 10 English grammar Gujarati medium PDF Download

Std 10 English grammar Gujarati medium PDF Download
Std 10 English grammar Gujarati medium PDF Download

download Std 10th Textbook Gujarati

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this book help in your standers 10th Preparation.

Zainab: Hello everyone. I’m Zainab Salbiand I have the great honor of being on stage with India’s greatest movie star, Aamir Khan. I mean we are talking beyond the actions movies of James Bond and Daniel Craig. We are talking beyond the romances of Richard Gere. We are talking beyond the charms of George Clooney, we are talking, ladies and gentlemen, above and beyond, all of that. A man who has been acting since the age of nine, a man who has conquered the hearts of six hundred million, yes, six hundred millionIndians. This is half of the Indian population. This man has done it. Unbelievable! And in 2012 he surprises India, he surprises the world, with launching a new TV talk show, Satyamev Jate, Jayate, that tackles social issues, taboos heads-on, I mean you just put yourself out there. What inspired you to do that?” Aamir: Well, a big good evening to everyone here. I think it started somewhere when I was a very small child and it began with my mother, I think. Ahh, my mother’s been a big influence on me and uh, I’ll narrate an incident of my life which stayed with me all along and that’sI used to play a lot of tennis when I was a kid and competitive tennis, you know, state level, national level.

I was pretty good at that time and she knew how anxious I was about the game, how much I loved the game. And every time I had a match, she’d be waiting for me to come home and when I would come home she’d ask me: “Did you win, did you lose?” Usually, I would win, so my answer would be:”I won”. And then after about five minutes, the first time she did it, it really shook me. After about five minutes she’d come to means say: “You know the boy who lost to you today, he would have reached home about no wand his mom would have asked him the same question and he would have said, he lost, so his mother must be feeling really bad right now.” And the first time she said that to me, it like really hit me.

I mean her ability to think for another, another she’s never seen, never met, really hit home to me. I don’t think she was meaning to tell me or teach me anything, that’s just how she is and I think a lot of what I am is, it is a result of her. Uh, I think the second person who’s had been a big influence with me, is my friend Satyajit Bhatkal who happens to be the director of the show. Satyajit and I went to school together. He was a topper in the class, I was the back-bencher and he was brilliant, so he had the world at his feet, he could do what he wanted, but after we passed out, he decided to work for other people. So he didn’t become an engineer, or a doctor or a chartered accountant, which he could have been or an MBA or whatever he wanted. He decided to spend his life, you know, working for people who are less privileged than he was.

I got into films and gone into acting and my career took off and I was — So each time I would meet him, I’d feel really guilty. Uh, I mean, I wasn’t doing anything wrong. I was doing what I loved doing, but every time I met him, I used to feel: “Man, this guy is living for others” and I’m — I wish I could do half of what he’s doing and that kept troubling me. So I think a lot of all finally resulted in what happened as SMJ – Satyamev Jayate. Television also grew strong in India at that time and I reached a point in my career, where I had earned a fair amount of goodwill and I kept thinking, “How can I contribute?” You know you wake up in the morning, you read the papers and you read about injustice.

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