[NEW] STD 8 Gujarati Textbook PDF Free Download

STD 8 Gujarati Textbook PDF article, we have mentioned the subject-wise PDF of standard 8th textbooks and you can download it from this website. The textbooks of Mathematics, Science, Hindi, Gujarati, Social science, Sanskrit, and English of standard 8 cover a wide range of interesting topics in all subjects and it can be quite interesting to learn. These all books are from GSEB.

STD 8 Gujarati Textbook PDF
STD 8 Gujarati Textbook PDF

STD 8 Gujarati Textbook PDF

Here, on this website, semester 1 and semester 2 textbooks are available. These are downloaded in PDF format. These textbooks are for the Gujarati medium. Textbooks are used as reference study material and these are essential for exam preparation.

Gujarati (FL) [ગુજરાતી] Download Download
English (SL) [અંગ્રેજી] Download Download
Mathematics [ગણિત] Download Download
Science [વિજ્ઞાન] Download Download
Sanskrit [સંસ્કૃત] Download Download
Hindi (SL) [હિન્દી] Download Download
Social Science [સામાજિક વિજ્ઞાન] Download Download
G Arabic [અરેબીક ભાષા] Download Download
STD 8 Gujarati Textbook PDF

Maths Book

Here, on this website, we have given the textbook of Maths and students can go through the textbook to start their study and exam preparation. In this book, square and square root, cube and cube root, geometry, equation, the introduction of the graph, measurement, number system, and many other topics are included. This book has covered the entire syllabus in a very concise manner. Each and every topic is explained by using simple language.


Science Book

Some concepts are covered in the textbook are air pressure, microbes, adaptation, lens, combustion, fossil fuels, materials, crop production, sound, light, and many more. Preparing for the standard 8 exams becomes easy with the help of a textbook, which has explained the key concepts of the subject in a simple language.



Syllabus of Hindi subject of standard 8 includes the poem, story, biography, interview, and many other topics. This textbook also includes practice tests for the students for revision purposes.


This book includes picture descriptions, poems, reports, plays, stories, and many more. These all chapters are written by very well-known writers and poets. Here, in this textbook, two question papers are provided and students can remark themselves through the test questions.


Social Science

This textbook covers all the important topics and concepts. Some of the concepts explained in the textbook are natural disasters, the Indian constitution, environmental pollution, and much more. Students should refer to the textbook to understand the concepts. This textbook work as a perfect guide while preparing for exams. It contains all the information related to the topics in a well-structured format. It also provides practice questions at the end of each chapter.



This textbook has covered the syllabus in a very specific manner. You can learn basic concepts of Sanskrit from this book. This textbook provides a question paper and also provides practice questions at the end of every chapter. You can also learn some grammar concepts of Sanskrit through the textbook.


Students can cover the entire syllabus with the help of a textbook. Along with the topics and subtopics, students can find important facts related to the chapter or topics. This textbook is focused on enhancing the student’s learning skills.

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