Std 9 Computer Textbook PDF Gujarati Medium

std 9 computer textbook pdf Gujarati medium studies for class 9 is structured by Gujarat state board of school textbooks. it includes chapters like the introduction of the computer, history, and development of computer, input and output devices, memory, storage units, and data interpretation, introduction to the operating system, introduction to Ubuntu Linux, Introduction of GUI in Ubuntu Linux, important and useful services of Ubuntu Linux, introduction to the word processor, document additions and configurations, table and mail merge, introduction to presentation software, introduction to the internet, internet, email, and safety. This textbook explains content with the use of diagrams and tables.

Std 9 Computer Textbook PDF Gujarati Medium

At the end of every chapter, it puts the practice questions for the examination purpose. Students can get the idea of examination and also, they can know about their learning outcomes. It gives the practical activities also and gives the summary of the chapter at the end of each and every unit.

Std 9 Computer Textbook PDF


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