Yuva Upnishad Bandharan Book PDF

Bharat nu Bandharan & Rajvyavstha (Yuva Upanishad)

Yuva Upnishad Bandharan Book PDF of Indian Constitution and political system is published by Yuva Upanishad Publication. Yuva Upanishad publication is one of the most popular publications dealing in study material for competitive exams. Yuva Upanishad academy is preparing study material for the students and all the materials will prove to be very good for students.

Yuva Upnishad Bandharan Book PDF

Yuva Upnishad Bandharan Book PDF

This book of Yuva Upanishad Publication covers all the syllabus of the Indian constitution and political system. It includes topics like the history of the Indian constitution, the making of constitution assembly, working of constitution assembly, sources of constitution, important articles and schedules, India’s bearers appointments, resignations and removals, the removal process of India’s office bearers, important person salaries, prescriptions with respect to submission of the report, direct and indirect democracy, liberal, socialist and communist democracy, parliamentary and presidential democracy, confederal and federal, legislature, legislative assembly, speaker and deputy speaker of the legislative assembly, legislative council, governor, chief minister, state council of minister, advocate general, union state, legislative, administrative and financial relations, GST, annual financial statement/ budget, funds, Indian judiciary system, Panchayati raj, political dynamics, rights, and public policies.

Indian constitution is a too large topic to understand but it is also helpful to understand the political system of our country. It is necessary to know the system of our country so it is also helpful for the examination purpose which is taken by Gujarat government.

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