Gujarati Grammar Handwriting Book

Here I put Gujarati Grammar Handwriting Book By JJ This book is Most Useful In Class 3 Exams This Book Helps to Prepare Talati and other class 3 Exams. In this book, More than 13+ Topics are covered. This book Is around 50 paged. This book was written by two brothers Vishal & Jaydeep

Gujarati Grammar Handwriting Book

Gujarati Grammar Handwriting Book

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LADY GAGA: I had a psychotic break. I’ll explain what happened. Here’s my brain. Right? Here’s my center. Right? And then I was triggered, really badly, in a court deposition, and I just, like, this part of the brain where you stay centered and you don’t disassociate, right? It went like this. It slammed down. And my whole body started tingling, and I started screaming. OPRAH: Where were you? LADY GAGA: I was in a hospital. And it’s very—it’s very difficult to describe what it feels like other than that you first are completely tingling from head to toe, and then you go numb. But what is essentially happening is the brain goes, ‘That’s enough. I don’t want to think about this anymore.

I don’t want to feel this anymore.’ Boom. OPRAH: You literally break from reality as we know it. LADY GAGA: You break from reality as we know it. You have no concept of what’s going on around you. There is nothing wrong. But you are in a traumatic state that you feel like I remember going into the hospital and screaming, why is no one else panicking? Why aren’t you panicking? And then they run a psychiatrist in and then—andI’m in head-to-toe pain at the same time. Right? And they brought in a psychiatrist. And I said, can you get me a real doctor? And he was, like, hey, so nice to meet you. And he sat down. And I was, like, I need medicine. I don’t feel well. I can’t feel my legs, help me.

Right? And then he just said, I need you to explain to me what happened today. And I was so annoyed. But I’m telling you this story because even who run Born This Way Foundation with my mother was irritated that they brought a psychiatrist to help me. I mean, that’s how, like, gone I was. I was so separated from the world. And once we started talking, he realized what had happened to me, and then he ordered medication for me that I took, reluctantly, at first, and then he became my psychiatrist and assembled a team for me, and I went away to a place that I go to sometimes still for, like, a reboot. And they took care of me and we got all of the things lined up. And I have a very unorthodox, actually, set of pills that I take. But they saved my life. And I’m very grateful. OPRAH: So you use medication, but you also do many other things to keep yourself spiritually sound and centered. LADY GAGA: Yes. So I meditate. I do transcendental meditation. It’s—it’s great. Bob Roth taught me.

OPRAH: Bob Roth taught me. LADY GAGA: Isn’t he great? OPRAH: He’s great. LADY GAGA: Sorry. OPRAH: Okay. LADY GAGA: And so I do that. And when I slip upon it, you know it’s not the best because it’s like—it’s better when I do. And sometimes I can be in a ton of pain and meditate and it goes away. It’s amazing. I also work out every day. But I also listen to my body. So if I’m in a lot of pain and deep stress, I might not do either as hard of a workout or I might, you know, not work out at all. I do listen to my body and I listen to what it’s telling me.

I do talk therapy. Dialectical behavioral therapy. And I also do lots of other things like the opposite action, for example. So let’s say you’re feeling really depressed and you’re at home and you’ve been at home for seven days straight and you just can leave the house and you just—you practice opposite action. Someone invites you to go somewhere, or you reach out to a friend and you say, hey, you want to play a game of poker? Get up, get in your car, and go. Opposite action. That’s something that I do all the time. OPRAH: So you’re actively working on yourself all the time. LADY GAGA: All the time I actively work on myself. I have to. If I don’t, I will sit and I will be in pain all day. 1OPRAH: I would say gratitude is my religion. It’s the thing I practice with, you know, deep consciousness and a sense of regularity and discipline about it. And for you, that is kindness.

LADY GAGA: It is kindness. Kindness heals the world. I said this with the Dalai Lama once. I said the earth is a slowly rotting apple on the kitchen counter. OPRAH: Oh, no. LADY GAGA: It’s the truth. OPRAH: Okay. LADY GAGA: I’m sorry. But it’s just true. I mean, it’s like— OPRAH: The earth is a slowly rotting apple? LADY GAGA: But it’s slow. It’s really slow. Right? But we have to be kind to that apple, to the humanity of that apple, and we have to be kind to the environment to keep that appealing as long as possible. And that’s through kindness.

And I have actually my commitment here. OPRAH: I want to hear your commitment. LADY GAGA: I commit to gratitude to bring the greatest minds I can find in the world together to one by one solve the mental health crisis that is plaguing our world. I want to create an epicenter of healing. Because when I give to others, I give also back to myself. OPRAH: Indeed. Lady Gaga. Gave up her vacation to come and sit and share her truth with us. Thank you. LADY GAGA: Can I just say, Oprah, I love you. OPRAH: I love you back, girl. I love you back.

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