[New All] Std 3 Gujarati Textbook PDF

Class Std 3 Gujarati Textbook PDF is Published By the Organization of Gujarat education board. Dhoran 3 Textbook PDF(ધોરણ 3 ચોપડી) isWe add all STD 3 Textbook PDFs. There are four Textbooks. All Books which name Paryavaran Aaspas, Ganit Gammat, Mayur, and Kalshor.

Std 3 Gujarati Textbook PDF

Std 3 Gujarati Textbook PDF [ધોરણ 3 ગુજરાતી પાઠ્યપુસ્તક (ચોપડી)PDF]

Textbook NameDownload Link
Paryavaran Aspas (પર્યાવરણ આસપાસ)Download
ganit gammat (ગણિત ગમ્મત)Download
kalshor (કલશોર)Download
Std 3 Gujarati Textbook PDF (ધોરણ 3 ગુજરાતી પાઠ્યપુસ્તક)

Paryavaran Aaspas

All Std 3 Gujarati Textbook PDFs of Gujarat boards are structured by the Gujarat State Board of School Textbooks. There are different chapters in the latest edition of the class 3 environment textbook. The name of each chapter of the class 3 environment textbook is given below: Poonam’s day out, The plant fairy, Water o’ water! , Our first school, Chhotu’s house, Food we eat, Saying without speaking, Flying high, It’s raining, What is cooking, From here to there, Work we do, Sharing our feelings, The story of food, Making pots, Games we play, Here comes a letter, A house like this, Our friends – animal, drop by drop, families can be different, left-right, A beautiful life and web of life. This textbook uses pictures so it makes fun for students and also makes the content interesting. Std 3 Gujarati Textbook PDF also puts the activities for students.


Ganit Gammat – Mathematics

Recently, the class 3 textbook has updated some syllabus based on the NCERT education system and added new topics. You can easily get the book pdf of the new updates from here. The textbook of mathematics is available on Std 3 Gujarati Textbook PDF site which you will be able to download in one click. There are many changes in the GSEB textbook by seeing what you know, we provide all the new updated books of 2020. Students need a pdf to digest so you have a newly updated pdf available from here, will be easy and will be able to teach the students easily. It includes different chapters like where to look, play with numbers, Give and get, Short and Long, Shape, assortment, how many times, Game of pattern, Smart chart, and many others. The textbook is using images to make interesting content. Through this book, students can get a basic knowledge of mathematics. It also puts the activities for the easy understanding of concepts.


Kalshor – Gujarati First Language

The textbook of class 3 Kalshor Gujarati first language pdf is structured by Gujarat State Board of School textbooks. Now the textbook becomes smart and you can read Kalshor Gujarati’s first language textbook for class 3 anytime and anywhere. However, the Gujarat board aims to attract more students to the subject wise. Std 3 Gujarati Textbook PDF textbook explains complex concepts in a simple manner. Based on the concepts covered under the syllabus and textbooks, these books enhance the learning capability of the children. It includes the story and poem.


Mayur – Gujarati Second Language

The textbook is reference material for the subjects. The textbook of the Mayur Gujarati second language for class 3 is structured by the Gujarat State Board of school textbooks. The Gujarat board aims to attract students subject wise so the syllabus is updated and it makes the content more interesting. the textbook explains the content in story and poem format so children can easily get the message behind the story or poem. The other thing about this textbook is that it puts pictures to make interesting content for students.


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