[New] Class Std 3 Paryavaran Book PDF

Std 3 Paryavaran Book PDF. All the textbooks of Gujarat boards are structured by the Gujarat State Board of School Textbooks. There are different chapters in the latest edition of પર્યાવરણ બુક pdf. The name of each chapter of the class 3 environment textbook is given below: Poonam’s day out, The plant fairy, Water o’ water! , Our first school, Chhotu’s house, Food we eat, Saying without speaking, Flying high, It’s raining, What is cooking, From here to there, Work we do, Sharing our feelings, The story of food, Making pots, Games we play, Here comes a letter, A house like this, Our friends – animal, drop by drop, families can be different, left-right, A beautiful life and web of life. This textbook uses pictures so it makes fun for students and also makes the content interesting. It also puts the activities for students.

Std 3 Paryavaran Book PDF

Std 3 Paryavaran Book PDF (Paryavaran Book in Gujarati PDF)


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