[New] Std 4 English Textbook PDF Gujarati Medium

Class Std 4 English Textbook PDF is structured by the Gujarat State Board of School Textbooks. Students can get basic knowledge after reading this textbook. Students can improve their English language through reading this book. It includes chapters like Get up and dance, Things around us, My family, Our helpers, Here we are dancing, Kuku is calling, and many others.

Std 4 English Textbook PDF

Std 4 English Textbook PDF

This book is divided into two semesters. There are three chapters in the first semester and the other three chapters are in the second semester. This textbook also provides two revision tests. You can mark yourself through these revision tests. In this textbook, pre-reading and pre-writing activities are given. The information is given with the use of colorful pictures so it attracts the children to learn new concepts from this textbook.


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